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Risk and Glory

Ushering success from the jaws of failure.

My name is Faromika Mary Oluwaseun, I am the founder of  Mayfas events, an enterprise that provides ushering and hospitality services at events. I am from Ekiti state, Nigeria.  A bachelor's degree holder. A graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure.Mayfas events is an ushering business that started 11th of August, 2017. 

We provide Ushering and hospitality services at events. Our services cut across corporate events, wedding parties, birthdays, comedy and music shows, fundraising programs, and others. We help to solve the soul-crushing and disheartening experience of chaotic events. We achieved this through our ushers who are neatly dressed, well-trained youths with great customer service.
I was an usher before I thought of starting my own ushering agency, first I am a social person; secondly, I was a student that love to support myself. My family, and my parents are trying their best to raise three children: myself at university, my brother in secondary school, and my sister studying for her master’s degree. Then this idea came up during my industrial training that I can start up this ushering business and support myself in some little way, enough to buy myself toiletries, food, clothes, and many more while my parents will cover the academic financial aspect.
This is my story. It all started when I was an undergraduate, it was during my industrial training programme in 2017. I was seated beside a friend of mine, Adewumi by name, he approached me and said, let’s start a business: “think of anything that can fetch you money”,

Just like magic, I said I could start an ushering business, myself knowing fully well that I have two years experience in ushering. Once I  organized ushers for my hostel party, I  used my roommates and their friends and it was perfect. He agreed with me; I told him to be my manager.

That is how it all started, he helped me with some flier designs, we approached some ladies interested in becoming an usher, we registered them, did little training, and had an usher photoshoot. As time went on, I employed more ushers (mostly female undergraduates) and trained them. Then, it occurred to me that I can actually create jobs for these female youths, like me, build them to be financially stable,

We mostly host events on weekends, so it doesn’t clash with academic classes or work. The business idea is to become a national brand, if not a global brand.

Mayfas events should be known nationwide, it should ring a bell in the ear of all citizens of Nigeria. Not only to be well recognized but also unique in providing jobs for female youths That is the foundation on which I built my business.

Female youths have a passion for events, and social activities where they can connect, doing what they have an interest in, and making money. We plan on training our ushers on physical appearance, communication, endurance -how to stand for long at an event- and many more.
My classmates didn’t take me seriously because I have no funds but I was determined.
I had my first client when I was in my final year as an undergraduate in 2018,  she requested for twenty ushers and I was able to provide them with uniforms. I was so fulfilled. I keep on having customers, though not frequent, steady, I can say.

Then,  I graduated and suddenly there were no clients requesting our services, Months turned to years, and I started losing my ushers to competitors and hope.

My feelings at my lowest point? Quitting was not an option for me, even if I wanted to quit, I looked back at the ushers that needed jobs from me; we kept hoping and praying., at times I thought that with all my efforts, why are things not working out for my business, my competitors are moving with the latest trend and fashion, but all this class and luxury I couldn’t afford for my ushers, it weighs me down,

I tried to up my game but had setbacks because of scarce capital. I had a colleague Bryan, who is doing great with his job and I sought business advice from him, he encouraged me to apply for grants, he said it will not only give me capital but it will also enlighten me and broaden my knowledge on business development.

I acted on this, We applied for grants to raise funds, so we can use it to get a photo shoot of our ushers in uniform, to be visible to our potential customers. Even though I didn’t get any funds, I gained a lot of business management skills.
How did I go on with no funds?  Luckily for me, I had secured a little space at my Dad’s office to use as my office. Then, I had to apply for a job, which I got. I worked Monday to Saturday (9am to 5:30pm). From this job, I could raise a little money to get my business registered, I paid for some online adverts, and fliers and I was able to get some uniforms for my ushers.
I keep reading online courses and also put many trending pictures online.
How I am I doing now?  I have registered my business; I have more than thirty trained ushers (both male and female); I have partnered with some event planners who factor us into their events.
Even though I have not gone far,  I have gotten somewhere and I will keep on moving, I won’t stop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Stay blessed.

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