Shandini NaidooBy Shandini Naidoo|December 17, 2021|4 Minutes|In Opinion


“Risk and Glory ? Return on investment was more than expected!”

“I remember the day like it was yesterday. A perfectly ordinary day that changed with one phone call. I didn’t expect a call from Chris Bishop a few months ago. A seasoned story teller, he spoke of his mission and vision to bring together Africa’s leaders, entrepreneurs and trail blazers under one umbrella, Billionaire Tomorrow.

Feeling flattered was an under-statement. Chris’s offer to feature on Billionaire Tomorrow, a legend in the world of journalism, picked me to submit an article (how cool is that?). Naturally, I was intrigued by the opportunity to be showcased and share my journey with the esteemed community of inspired and ground-breaking individuals that Chris has interviewed over the years.

Deciding on a title and topic came easily during our initial conversation.I was so grateful for the opportunity I did not even consider what the “return of investment” of sharing my journey with the world would be.

As a lawyer it is a natural thing to write things done instead of typing out any information. A long walk down memory lane, led to scribbled on stick notes and crumpled up pieces of paper scattered across my study floor. Chris told me to write vibrantly from my heart, to see the memory clearly in my mind and put that emotion of the memory to paper.

850 words, done!A life in the day of a women entrepreneur, was now complete. Click send. A few weeks later was the build-up to the launch of Billionaire Tomorrow. Waiting in anticipation for the article to be released, I did not expect Chris to inform me that I would be the debut feature for Billionaire Tomorrow. Doing the natural “happy dance” on the other side of the phone call, I was over-joyed to be the Debutante of Billionaire Tomorrow.

Release date, checking twitter incessantly for the retweets, likes and comments, circulating the article across all social media platforms, I was thrilled to see the positive response and the engagement with the article from reader of different backgrounds.


A few weeks have passed since the publishing of the first ever Billionaire Tomorrow piece, thinking the buzz may have died down, I settled into the normal routine of running my business. This is when the unexpected happened. I received emails and messages, requesting meetings with various role-players within the agriculture sector. Attentively addressing each request, I pondered where and how did these individuals find me. During the course of these handful of meetings, I enquired as to how I was found.

The resounding response, Billionaire Tomorrow: “I read your article published by Chris Bishop on Billionaire Tomorrow”. Thrilled to know that Billionaire Tomorrow reached and brought such relevant companies and individuals to me, fills me with a great sense of pride and immense gratitude, for the platform. I cannot thank Chris Bishop and Billionaire Tomorrow enough, for the opportunity and for placing me in the limelight.

Billionaire Tomorrow is more than just a simple showcase of Entrepreneurs in Africa. It is a platform to network, to connect those lost along the supply chain, to identify new partners and opportunities. Since the publishing of my piece, the return of investment, has been more than anything I could have expected.”