Akila TukaBy Akila Tuka|September 16, 2022|8 Minutes|In R&G Season II

Risk and Glory

My passion for business knew no bounds

Right from my secondary school days, I have always wanted to be a so-called businessman (by then I didn't know what entrepreneurship means), and I wanted to find a platform where I can learn.

I was a pure science student (I studied biochemistry), but my passion for business knew no bounds.

I always admire people who have their own businesses and are their own bosses, and this was one of my dreams. So, I kept looking for opportunities to learn about the rudiments of  entrepreneurship and business.

Luckily for me after I graduated from university of Jos, while waiting for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps(NYSC), I came in contact with an accountant who started grooming me to become an entrepreneur.

Although the man was not a stranger, he is someone I knew before. He was an Agri -Entrepreneur, so he taught me  about greenhouse farming and food processing.

I learnt both practically and theoretically. But I was not too interested in farming; my passion was on ICT.  This man went further to register a youth entrepreneurship program organized by the Bank of Industry, for me.

When I was selected in the Bank of Industry youth entrepreneurship support( YES), I started learning the rudiments of entrepreneurship online  with determination and passion, through African Management Initiative (AMI). After three months of learning online, we attended  training for one more week as a continuation of the Bank of Industry Entrepreneurship online training. And those who completed the course were given certificate of completion as entrepreneurs.

This foundational knowledge gave me the courage to keep learning and building my capacity  through short courses, seminars and workshops on different organizations and platforms both online and physical. I usually attend seminars in Abuja, Kano, and Jos in order to enhance my entrepreneurship skills.

I enrolled for some short courses such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Human Resources Management (HRM), and Health Safety and Environment (HSE, 1,2 & 3), in a business school called; Formazione Business School, which has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria. I learned, wrote examination and got my certificates of completion.

Based on these  background skills, I became a trainer on some of these management courses I studied at Formazione Business School Abuja.

This passion has led me to researching and writing eight books, three of which are on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

My books have gained me national and international recognition as a published author.

I went to NYSC (National Youth Service Corps)  to learn graphic design and printing; throughout my time at NYSC I was learning graphics design and printing.

Before we finished serving NYSC I started handling small contracts on graphics design and printing of banners, jotters, posters, stickers, wedding programs and invitation cards.

I loved that business and I kept learning and building on it until today.

After my time at NYSC, what sustained me was the graphics design and printing business. I started earning a living through that before I got my first job in a business school called Formazione Business School.

I’m into the graphics design and printing services business. Which I’m planning to grow it on an industrial scale.

I have been into the graphics design and printing business  since August 2017, that’s five years now, but I’ve been a freelancer for over four years, I got the present shop I’m operating from towards the end of January 2022. And I’m now planning for expansion.

The shop is located in a strategic place; near plateau state polytechnic Jos campus.

Apart from the graphics design and printing, I am making efforts towards creating a research and training/capacity building institute.

What I’m planning to start in the research and training institute include the following:

  1. Writing of research thesis, research design, research proposals, research data analysis and training people in same.
  2. Training and building people:

-Project Management Professional(PMP)

– Human Resources Management(HRM)

– Research and Content development

–  Customer Service Relationship Management(CSRM)

– Entrepreneurship and Business Development(EBD)

– Health Safety and Environment(HSE 1, 2 & 3)

–  ICT skills training

  1. Conducting seminars, workshops and trainings for individuals and organizations.

And lots more of career development and capacity building programs.

I’m already gaining the necessary expertise and experience towards that.

Presently I’m working in a research and training institute at Abuja, Nigeria. I work there as a research and  content development manager, and also as the training coordinator.

I hope to start my research and  training institute before the end of this year or early next year.

The research component of my institute will also incorporate physical and digital products and services creation including software, mobile applications, medical devices and lots more. My dream is to create a dynamic, efficient, result oriented and solution driven conglomerate that will solve economic problems all over the world.

I have built my capacity over the years, in preparation to my entrepreneurial and leadership journey.

I have learnt several skills including graphics design and printing, website development, strategic research and creative problem solving, new products development strategies, public speaking,  digital marketing, content creation and lots more. I’m still learning new skills with each passing day. My quest for knowledge is endless. I have passion for human capacity building and creative problem solving.

My major challenge as an entrepreneur is the ability to efficiently and profitably market products and services and generate massive sales. But I’m working towards solving that problem.

Already I have a shop,  two laptop computers and a Kyocera printing machine. I’m already running the business.

My next target is to acquire more equipment including five desktop computers, five laptop computers, direct image printing machine, laser jet printing machine, photocopy machine, scanning machine, complete projector set,  white board, large format printer, power generator and a more spacious office space due to expansion.

My desire for growth as an entrepreneur is endless, I believe the sky is my starting point, I believe in value creation, I believe in problem solving strategies.