We are at the start of a digital revolution that has the capacity to profoundly transform our economy and society. The world is moving towards the idea of “Society 5.0” – a human-centred society balancing economic progress with solving social problems by integrating cyberspace with life. And we are in the middle of a global crisis called COVID-19.

How can businesses and entrepreneurs survive, let alone grow and thrive in such times?

This two-day course uniquely combines the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship and Society 5.0 to help entrepreneurs to get ahead of the curve and set themselves up to not only get by but to become the billionaires of tomorrow.

The Course Will Provide The Following:

Prepare You And Your Business For The Digital Transformation

We will ground you in the technological changes that are rapidly approaching such that you can position yourself to capitalise on the new opportunities rather than be threatened by them.

Help You Navigate Through These Exceptional Times And The Crisis We Are In

We will provide tools that allow you to relate to any crisis, at a global or individual level, such that you will be able to succeed in the face of adverse circumstances.

Provide You With The Tools You Need To Realise What Is Important To You

We identify where exactly your interests lie and use this information to make the course as relevant as possible for you.

Empower You To Impact Your Business As Well As Billions Of People’s Lives

We will identify and remove what is in the way of you being effective and successful entrepreneurs and thus enable you to “leapfrog” to Society 5.0.

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Assessment of delivery, and facility with the material.
Training in delivery, which includes mirror work and practice delivery sessions.
Developing an understanding of S50.A series of assignments including articles and videos accompanied by a series of group discussions. (approximately 10hrs)
Developing an understanding of COL.A series of assignments including articles and videos accompanied by a series of group discussions. (approximately 4hrs)
BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) course.Call manage a BOT course or a number of BOT courses.The above activities would depend on the stage of development of the trainee.
Monthly/weekly group calls and quarterly meet-ups.
Go solo and/or be a course manager for another trainee.