Jemima OlangiBy Jemima Olangi|September 30, 2022|4 Minutes|In Risk and Glory, R&G Season II

Risk and Glory

I read therefore I am an entrepreneur

Reading has been one of my biggest passions throughout my life. The lack of bookstores when growing up in Congo, Kinshasa, caused endless frustration for me, making it a huge challenge to get hold of new books to help me escape my everyday life and expand my horizons. Im excited to share my story.

As an avid reader, it is so frustrating to not have your next read lined up. Books were scarce when I was young, especially for young women. That is the reason why I founded, Victrces Books, in Ghana, with the aim of making reading more accessible to other females in the region. I was fortunate enough to travel overseas during the holidays to obtain books, I know this isn’t a possibility for every young woman today. Diving into a good book offers us a way to escape the stress and pressure of our everyday lives creating unforgettable experiences that help to expand our horizons

I hope to bring the experiences to more people than ever before with the introduction of Victricies Books an online bookshop based in Accra.

I thought to myself, what could I do to help other women discover the joy of reading? When I moved to Ghana, I started to wonder how I could find a way of turning my passion for reading into a way to support myself while also offering easy access to books to the local community I found that there were no bookstores in the area where I iived, offering the experience I truly craved.

So, one day, I tried to resell the books I’d moved with. All 53 books were sold in less than eight days, which was the start of Victrices Books.

Thanks to Victrices Books, I can connect with other women through reading, and hope to create a bookstore that focuses on female authors and nurtures our local community.

I hope to create a platform where women can feel inspired to read more and discuss the stories they experience in books. Our aim is also to put the spotlight on female Ghanaian authors, shattering the stereotypes often associated with women and reading within the country or even the continent.

This was how my store and business started, and Victrices Books has already started to receive plenty of attention online and is growing day by day. We offer a reading community; the opportunity to buy books, book reviews, all of which help to provide a 360-experience for book lovers.

Our customers are taken on a journey of choice and insights, thanks to the access to millions of books they receive with us.

This is just the beginning for Victrices Books, and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us over the upcoming years.

We love to help different women to find their next read by also connecting with other like-minded women in the local community.

Reading offers us the opportunity to expand our horizons and learn more about the world around us, so we hope to be the start of great change for female readers in Ghana.