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Risk and Glory

How the ghost of the markets makes millions

I don’t believe in fear. I think my only missed opportunity is not finding trading earlier in life.

I grew up as a Venda in Limpopo, in the north of South Africa, in a village called Tshaulu. I went to school in Limpopo and came from a less fortunate background. I dropped out of  high school in Grade 11.

By that time, I had already started my entrepreneurial journey, in Grade 7, by selling sweets to my classmates. This side hustle was merely the first step on the path to success.

I started my first job straight after dropping out of school. I became the family bread winner.

I started working at a Woolworths warehouse; dealing with bulk stock and foods in big freezers. I used my money, not only to pay for the family food, but also to help my mother open a tuck shop.

During my time at Woolworths, I learned about foreign exchange. Some of my colleagues from Woolworths also took an interest. We started to learn and practice on demo accounts.

I learned enough to quit my job to pursue this passion in trading. I made enough in six months of trading to buy my first car.

At the start, it was a bumpy path. Profit was not a daily thing, there were plenty of lean days. I moved out of home with R200 in my pocket. At this time, I started to see progress and consistency  in my trading. I started to send  signals to people; as these signals got better and better, people started to see profits.

As my reputation grew, they called me the “Nasdaq Ghost”. A name I later used for my company the Nasdaq Ghost Robot. I built the business around an affordable, fully automated trading robot. The company also offers other services to  introduce people to the world of trading.

I am dedicated and spent many sleepless nights building my company.

My motivation? The profit I made in short periods of time at the start of my journey. I realized that no qualification would earn as much in the same time.

My proudest achievement? Building my empire; plus, my ability to give back to people who are struggling like I did.

My daily habits to improve myself? Learning, reading books; . practicing strategy to improve trading.

I sum myself up in three words: generous, hardworking and  friendly.

My principles when it comes to customers:  good relationships with clients and helping understand strategies.

Formula to success?  Hard work, dedication and consistency

My idea of success? The ability to live your best life every day, without checking your bank balance.

I believe that anything is possible through the right work ethic and dedication. As well as getting back up after being knocked down In my time off I enjoy watching wildlife in the peace of the great outdoors.

I don’t believe in fear. I think my only missed opportunity is not finding trading earlier in life.

I feel it’s difficult to grow in a comfort zone. When you are out of that zone you are focusing on yourself and working on improving every aspect of your life. I started my first account with R200 and that changed my life .

I started my foundation once I saw the fruits of my work. In a week I closed a trading profit of just over R14 million, I remembered where I came from and my upbringing and that urged me to give back to the people.

My proudest achievement is my trading – it changed my life and many more.

Lets Eat together what counts in life is not the fact that we have is what difference we have made to the lives of others.


Hi, my name is Rotenda Khumela. I was born in South Africa, I’m an entrepreneur who has always believed that working a 9-5 job isn’t the best way to live life. After observing so many individuals follow the usual path of making a living, I realized they were missing out on what life truly has to offer.

So, I decided to change that and create wealth through something I had a passion for and that is when I discovered forex and created the Nasdaq Ghost Robot.

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