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Risk and Glory

Cooking had become a death trap!

I have always had a passion for solving problems. It is safe to say that entrepreneurship found me because of my drive to solve problems. My journey changed, my passion didn’t.

Straight out of university, in 2012, I set out to solve a common problem in northern Nigeria, a worrisome rate of children not going to school.

I convinced other young people to join me to bridge this education gap. We set up the Ambition Nigeria Network, connecting teenagers with mentors. These mentors were determined to spur interest in education and learning.

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Emmanuel Uwandu is currently the head and heart of GAS360, a startup using IoT smart meters to enable clean cooking penetration at a fraction of the cost across Africa.

Emmanuel Uwandu - CEO of Kiakia Gas

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Company About:

Kiakiagas.com started as Nigeria’s first online energy outfit offering outstanding, quick & safe delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and its related products to Nigerian homes and industries.
KiaKiagas.com has evolved into an energy solutions company creating a future in which gas will lead the transition of the African energy space from traditional forms of energy to renewable forms of energy making energy available to last mile consumers from urban areas to off-grid areas.

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The way to reward and glory? All too often, this is a rocky road, fringed with thorns, with slithering snakes in the shady undergrowth.

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