Chris BishopBy Chris Bishop|September 2, 2021|5 Minutes|In Billionaire Tomorrow

Billionaire Tomorrow

Five key takeaways from the Iyin Aboyeji Billionaire Talks.


“There is a lot of appetite, although a lot of things that have been banned and schemes that did not emerge. Partially as a result of the innovation around the ban…As a result of the opportunity that Cryptocurrency does represent, and that decentralized finance represent. It is really fun to see all of that happening.My personal view that it is necessary. It opens the world in ways that we had not thought about, and it gives the bank and the government the opportunity to choose to intervene directly whether that is their mandate – that is a different topic of conversation. At the end of the day what is exciting is what they have built and what I continue to miss about it is …Crypto has self-replicated itself and it has almost become resilient and unmissable -and that is not going to stop.”

2. COVID-19.

“For us, it was a blessing in disguise because normally we would go on this global tour to go and sell capital. That tour could almost take us 18 months. But because of Corona virus and we had to move quickly on operational deals, what ended up happening a lot of the time with the Corona virus. We started raising money from retail. A lot of people stayed at home, so they had money saved. They would give us that money and invest in a start-up and that was pretty much a blessing in disguise. We didn’t think people had that much money to invest.”


“That is a good question. I mean, my mindset is when it comes to understanding capital is really to read behind the lines of what my investors are asking me to do with their money. What do my investors care about? For some it is money, for some it is prestige. For some of them it is visionary in that they wanted to devote their money and their cause to something important to them personally. These are some of the ways we organize to get these things off the ground.”


“I don’t think you are going to see the traditional office back again in its original form. We have picked the forbidden fruit, and nobody is going back to that. But I think that a few things are going to have to happen, especially in Nigeria. Number one: We are going to have to build infrastructure for remote work. Which is why I am building Talent City (A community where entrepreneurs can work and live). People need Internet, people need power.”


“We have a framework that we use when evaluating companies, and we share with everybody. We call it the TTD? Framework. The first T starts with Talent and the second is team, see how well they work together and what expertise they bring to the table and so on and so forth. The next thing is we look for data. Do you understand the market? It is going to be viable and does it make sense for your kind of investor profile. We want help to see how we can do that, that is number two. Number three is design. How is this product designed to be able to reach the right audience and be able to spread with the right audience? That hasn’t really happened. The last one is distribution. How are you going to get your product in front of the right people, right?”