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Risk and Glory

Beyond the 3Fs in the investment game.

Ignoring online these days is like opening a shop and not telling anyone about it.A need to reach and teach people about digital migration can and will help improve lives but that comes at a price too.

And it’s also said if you can’t get the first 3F ( friends, family, and fools) to invest in your start-up it becomes a lot more difficult to convince other investors that would you would want to invest a chunk of money I’m your company.

But sometimes money isn’t the only thing that a start-up needs, what’s the point of having funds but working with people that don’t have a passion or don’t share the same vision as the founder?

So time, effort, and passion can also be considered an investment because if you have those you know if the funds are available then your company stands a better chance of succeeding.

Even with investors, we face problems as start-ups of people that just want to bring funds to the table without anything else to add to it.

As a tech start-up that’s busting into an industry that seems new to the market, we need Investor(s) that comes with experience and are willing to help the company grow not only financially but also groom the individual that is running the coming to help them spot risk, how to avoid them and what can be done to reach more target markets.

Since the inception of the organization, Gettitonline has been self-funded by the founders and as its slowly gains momentum there’s a felt need to grow the funds that will be able to sustain the business, help expand and reach its full potential.

But doing that hasn’t been easy, any other entrepreneur can agree with me that looking for an investment as an SME is quite not as easy as we read in magazines.

As a group of innovators creatives and disruptors, we are never short of ideas and the willpower to implement them, we have set apart a continuous progressive table that will help us execute and ensure that our objectives are met within the set time frame and some of these objectives include, building a hosting platform as everyone with a business/ company will need in the near future will need a website and also we plan on building a payment gateway that will also facilitate those tending to accept payments through their websites as well as offer logistics to other countries.

And we feel like this in order to reach this and make it happen we have to raise funds so we can reach more clientele.

When it comes to raising funds for a start-up a lot of research goes around and sometimes you can have everything in place but the investors you find request for controlling shares but less equity; some institutions require you to provide collateral but as an SMEs that invests in intellectual properties that again becomes a stretch for us.

And with what we do, helping SMEs that are just starting to have virtual space also makes it a lot difficult because most don’t know how to navigate the website and or how to contribute to maintaining it even after they’ve been taught how to operate it. Is among the few online stores that are pioneering championing the process of buying and selling products by electronic means such as by mobile phones, laptop, desktop and tablets through a simplified platform that enables anyone with internet to access the community and the country at large, with the rate at which the world is moving to digital the internet as made it easier for almost anyone to buy anything from the other side of the world, so with gettitonline we are trying to create a bridge between Zambia and the rest of the world to give our local stores an opportunity to sell their products across borders.

E-commerce is only about 5% in Africa and we are proud to be among the pioneers of this sector.

Our vision is to build a trusted platform that can and will be used even my neighboring countries to help grow a small business, but we have to start by providing storefronts for local SMEs, offering, logistics services, and Exclusive products to customers.

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