Risk and Glory

An attempt to ushering in investment.

Mayfas events is inspired by value, trend, and revolution. We know that investors take pride in helping small businesses to grow and with their help we can expand our market share with an investment of $5000.

Our market size can increase from five customers in five months to more than ten customers in a month.

To continue the growth of the business, we need a minimum of $5000 to acquire a standard office with furniture, getting a company bus to convey ushers to event venue, create a standard official website the company, Secure Point of Sales (POS) Machines, getting ushers uniforms, employ new staff (marketing manager and quality control manager), run advertisement, buy a projector to aid smooth training of ushers, get a roll-up banner and mass production of usher’s handbook.

So far, we have 35 trained professional ushers, we have registered the business, drafted out ushers handbook. we need team like, operation manager, quality control manager, copy writer and marketing manager.  We also need more ushers uniforms, promotion and marketing fee, securing point of sales (PoS), creating official website,  drafting of contract documents and other relevant Legal Documents to take it on to next steps.

This investment will not only benefit the business but it will also benefit the investors, the youths and the society at large.

Business forecasting and planning?

In three to four years; we aim to have 25 team members; we aim to have branches in four geo-political zones in Nigeria.

We also aim to have 350 network of ushers in over twenty to thirty higher institutions, to have created jobs for over 400 students, to have over 30-50 outstanding events planners.

We aim to get close to twenty events per week, but it all comes down to investment

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