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Risk and Glory

Against all odds.

Regression to the mean

Thats me at the Zambia eCommerce awards.Where was nominated for best upcoming startup 2020 but it hasnt always been this rosy, let me take you back a little bit.

Ever since I was a kid, I could feel that deep down that I was meant for more, I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. . . Not having a mentor or someone to guild me also played a huge role in a longer search for the void of not knowing my purpose.

I could write poetry and tell my friends of crazy ideas I had, most of them told me I imagine a lot.

My best friend always told me if only I had start working on them it would make a difference but the thing is . . . I didn’t know where to start from.

The dream of wanting to discover my purpose and knowing what I wanted to do kept on unfolding as I went on with life, I started helping friends ordering things online I figured it out so I would help them and make something out of it. I got tired of trying what I could so I left Zambia for South Africa to go and look for a job and so I left I went to my sister’s house where I stayed for a few months before leaving for SA so I could organize money for the passport and transportation

Regression to the mean, I’m fighting for a dream

Pictures painted are larger than life

This is deeper than just a blog

More than a pen and a pad

It’s with pain that I wrote my hurt

I worked from 08:00 -12:00 as gardener

And from 1pm – 5pm

I used to wash cars, car tires, and other car parts

I left the house with a dream and not a dollar

A few clothes in a case then my sister said a prayer.

I didn’t know what to expect but I had high expectations I stepped into Joburg, and made a couple of friends but it’s like I made more problems than expected.

But I had to be a man about it

I used to tell myself one day I’m going blast off like a canon no doubt about it.

I Just got to stay focused and thought about it

Even though I was sleeping in a church at night

My spirit felt like I was sleeping in a hearse alright

This was a church on Sunday and an office on weekdays and my place of rest at night.

But even then I never complained even for once coz then it felt like I was getting closer and closer to my dream

If they only knew what was being created they wouldn’t have applied so much pressure, the heat that I walked through was burning, but the refining was hurting.

All this time I was going through this the void kept growing I needed to find my purpose, I needed to grow and experience something that felt aligned to my core believe and that’s making life easier for people.

So I decided to quit that job and go look for something, weeks later I found a job as a sales person in what I thought was just a small store I didn’t know that it was one of South African biggest sporting company. A year later I got promoted and left the sales department.

Under what I was doing, the love for eCommerce started coming back.   before I could even sign my promotional letter, I handed in my resignation latter.

‘’ I’m not crazy. I just finally know what I have to do, and I know in my heart that its right’’ -Tony Stark

I didn’t know a single code so I decided to learn a few just to create my own website.

I spent a year leaning about eCommerce as I was still building the website. I finally decided to also quit my other job so I could go back to Zambia and pursue the dream.

Our first customer bought a riffle scope on the website and I delivered it myself.

Two years later our vision was clear, our aim got better even though it was hard to still make a profit at least we got some recognition from well renounced tech sites as one of the best upcoming eCommerce websites and was listed next to Jumia ( Nigeria ) and Takealot (South Africa )

Even through has been self-funded from inception, we is still trying our level best breaking barriers and making new entries in the market, with challenges like Logistics and storage just to mention a few, we are still looking for ways we can expand, scale up and reach more people, gettitonline was created with one goal in mind to help SMEs reach a wider market and have an online presence and that hasn’t changed still.


The story of is and will always be one the “Against all odds”

“Whenever correlation is imperfect, the best will always appear to get worse and the worst will appear to get better over time, regardless of any additional treatment.”

Andie Malukutu

I chose to take the risk even without knowing the glory that will come out of it, through I have met many prominent people that some we partnered some we formed relationships and one of the great people I met though it was the Republican president of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema when I was given an opportunity to showcase gettitonline  Maybe one day someone will read this story and decide not to give up.

By Grace through faith, the Dream Lives on.

Andie Malukutu has proved over and over again that being a self-made entrepreneur isn’t just about the money, but it’s also about the vision when there’s no funds, the drive when there’s no car and the will to make it happen even when there’s no way.

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