Thousand for a Thousand

Risk & Glory League

Introducing the most innovative and breathtaking competition in the media landscape in Africa, BT Risk & Glory League.  With our excellent media, data, and technology platform, we seek to create media promotion leverage for selected entrepreneurs who are taking extraordinary steps to create wealth on the continent.  To celebrate earning a thousand followers on Twitter, Billionaire Tomorrow announces a new competition to tap into the passion and creativity of our growing community of entrepreneurs.  Thousand for a Thousand will pitch entrepreneurs against each other in a fierce competition that will be decided by the readers.  Once edited and accepted your piece will be entered into a league table where you earn a point for every person who clicks and reads your story.  Whoever tops the table- that will be live on our Billionaire Tomorrow site – will get $10,000 dollars!

How it works

  1. Apply to participate
  2. Get approved
  3. Send in your article in 7 days to
  4. Editorial approves your article for publication
  5. Published articles are entered into the league
  6. Start earning points for shares, likes, retweets, and clicks
  7. Earn more points when you attract more people to register/subscribe via WhatsApp
  8. League runs for 90 days
  9. Update of the league table will be posted every Friday
  10. A full list of the league table will be available in the magazine
  11. Final winner will be announced at an event


  1. Total Likes: This will be measured by the total number of likes on each article per day over the period. Each like attracts 3 points (1 BILL).
  1. Total Clicks: This will be measured by the number of clicks to your article daily over the period of the competition.  Every click attracts 3 points.
  1. Total Shares: This will be measured by the number of times your article is shared daily over the period of the competition. Every share attracts 3 points (1 BIL)
  1. Total comments: This will be measured by the number of comments made about your article daily over the period of the competition.  Every comment attracts 3 points (1 BIL).
  1. Social Impact of the story: Comments that use predetermined keywords such as inspirational, educative, captivating, and great will be categorized as having a social impact and would earn 3 points (1 Bil).


  1. Up to $10,000 investment from Billionaire Tomorrow
  2. Advertising opportunity in BT Magazine
  3. Feature on Risk & Glory MasterClass
  4. Complimentary access to all BT Talks & Risk & Glory Master Classes
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